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Voets Coffee
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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Special care is taken to import only the finest 100% Arabica green coffee beans to our facility. Our hands on approach to Traditional roasting skills combined with Technology added to the process ensures our customers are receiving a consistent quality product every time a cup is brewed.
Our roasters pay close attention to each and every batch of coffee that is roasted. It is not uncommon to cup each batch leaving the roasting cycle. That’s a lot of cups stacking up in the office.

This attention to detail and time taken to taste each roast before packaging and distribution makes our process unique. Walking though our facility you will not find
large quantities of roasted coffee. Our policy is “Fresh Roast to Order” Quality packaging methods are used to ensure our coffees retain their fresh roasted aroma and taste.

Voets orders
From green bean to finished product it all happens in one location. Our Flavour room is a very busy corner of our operation. Fresh roasted still warm to touch coffee enters the flavouring room and the transformation begins, out comes Highlander Grogg or one of our many other flavours.
Voets orders
Tradition & Technology

With the Learn Mode feature a manual roast can be carefully performed and the system will record all the settings of that roast generating a roast profile from it. This method leaves our Master roasters in complete control of the initial development of our roasted coffees.
Voets orders
This roast profile can then be used to achieve that same roast for subsequent batches with precise duplication of coffee development conditions. The goal is to capture the genius of the roast master and be able to faithfully reproduce it at will.
Primary 90Kg Probat c/w profiling system
Large batch drum roaster capable of producing 5000lbs/10hrs of fresh roasted coffee daily.
Secondary 45Kg Probat c/w profiling system
Profile development and small batch custom roasting for coffee houses and espresso bars. Output capacity of 2500lbs/10hrs.
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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transfair canada fair trade certified
Swiss Water Process
voets coffee 100% Arabica Beans
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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