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Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
northern light
southern dark
Italians know espresso! From equipment to roast profiles they set the standard. Our "Northern" and "Southern" traditional Italian blend espresso will satisfy the most discerning tastes.
Northern Light
Italian Espresso
considered a
"Light" dark roast.
Voets Italy
Southern Dark
Italian Espresso

"Dark" and blended
for intensity.
"Northern Italian Style" espresso are blends that consist of naturally sweet, low-acidcoffees brought to a relatively lighter roast
"Southern Italian Style" is known for favouring darker roasts of coffee, creating a stronger, fuller-bodied flavour.
Significance of Crema
Much of the enjoyment of consuming coffee comes from its flavour, consisting of taste and aroma, with a majority of the flavour sensation actually being derived from the aroma, as detected by the nose. While much of the aroma molecules escape into the room when brewed coffee is prepared, espresso preparation has a built-in mechanism to capture the aroma and keep it in the cup—the all important crema.

Voets certified organic and fair trade coffee

A Few Words About Acidity

Acidity has a major impact on the selection of component coffees for an espresso blend. Because espresso does not tolerate anywhere near the acidity desired in brewed coffees, the role of these high-acid coffees in espresso blends has to be curtailed.


Roast Before Blending vs. Blend Before Roasting

As to whether it is better to roast the individual coffees separately before blending or to blend the coffees in the green and roast them all together depends on the properties of the coffees used in the blend. Post-roast blending, where the individual coffees are roasted separately and blended afterwards, affords the luxury of being able to roast each coffee to a different degree to bring out the best flavours in that particular bean. Pre-roast blending is only possible when the
coffee beans are compatible with respect to their roast characteristics. Our prefer method is Post-roast blending which ensures each origin is profile roasted to perfection resulting in a superior espresso blend.


Espresso Blending Basics

Sharper and sweeter, with more aromatics? Perhaps you will want to add Central American coffees. Watch out with percentages above 25%, particularly if you like a lighter espresso roast. You will be losing some crema and body.

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More body and sweetness? Use a clean Indonesian like a Sulawesi or a premium Sumatra. You will be losing some sharpness. You can go up to 50%.

Earthy aggressive bite and more pungency? Try a dry-processed Ethiopian.

Spicy pungency? Try a Yemeni coffee. These add ferment too, and great crema. Keep under 25% or less.

  We believe espresso is a very “Personal” part of the coffee business. Our roasting staff will work with the customer to create a custom espresso which will be unique to only your espresso bar or restaurant. Through the blending of coffees and roast profiles we will create a product that will become your special blend allowing you to put your “Taste” into the product you will be serving.  
Voetsexpresso sales
Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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