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Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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Voets Single Origins

What’s in the Drum?


Voets certified organic and fair trade coffee

Our 45 Kilo Probat roaster is now the focus of single origin coffee roasting.

One half the size of our primary roaster but perfectly suited to explore the best coffees the trade has to offer!

Voets certified organic and fair trade coffee
Voets certified organic and fair trade coffee

What is single origin coffee roasting?

“The definition of single origin roasting is one farms coffee from a specific geographical location, processed one way and roasted with different profiles.”

Selecting limited availability micro lots coffees and giving our Master Roasters the technology and freedom to apply their trade will ensure we continue to be a leader in specialty coffees.

Peaberry Beans

What is a micro lot?

"Let's say for instance you had a peach orchard. In most areas of the orchard, you produce generally good fruit. However, in one area of your orchard there is this one spot where the peaches are exceptionally good. The trees in this one little area of your orchard produces more plump and sweeter fruit than the majority of your orchard. Usually, all of the fruit from the entire orchard is mixed and sold together. Well, with a micro-lot you seperate these exceptional fruit from the entire lot and sell them seperately. Thus creating a "micro-lot" of very sweet peaches. Imagine this same principal being applied to coffee.

Peaberry Beans

What is peaberry coffee?

A peaberry is a natural mutation of the coffee bean inside its cherry. Normally coffee beans grow two to a fruit, flat against each other like halves of a peanut, but a funny thing happens in about 5% of the world's coffee, and a bean is born an only child. Fans believe they taste noticeably sweeter and more flavorful than standard-issue beans.


Micro Lots Being Introduced

Please call for availability and pricing as limited quantities of these coffees are roasted.

Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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Max Voets Coffee Roasting Vernon BC
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